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"My path is to work with great artists and help them make great art. There are so many acts out there that get up on stage with nothing to offer. They might be attractive, have a nice voice, write a decent song, etc. But this world, the music world, it's not made for most of them. And I long for the artists. The ones who are in pain, screaming, needing to make their art, their record, their song or performance because without it they would die. That's me, that's why I am still here. When there is no other choice, then and only then is this truly the right path for you."

Come meet Musical Octopus, Russell Wolff at his new home KRAZY POP STUDIO on Historic Music Row. A Harvard grad who has been involved in many aspects of the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He began his career in the theater, on stages in NYC; later opening and touring with bands signed to Atlantic Records, playing to sold out venues throughout the United States and Europe and releasing 6 albums. In the years since, he has produced upwards of 30 albums, worked with everyone from LL Cool J to Martina McBride, licensed music with MTV, built relationships throughout Nashville, Los Angeles, Boston and New York and has used those relationships to propel the careers of various artists. He is a voting member of the Grammys in four categories as well as a member of ASCAP. Wolff tours on piano, guitar, vocal and is available to run sound for tours. You can see him in clips online playing with Martina McBride, as well as on Fox Morning News, PBS, and in shows with Sugarland, Miranda Lambert, Michelle Branch, Little Big Town, and YOUR next project. Click here to contact! Currently producing, mixing, and touring. Recent work with JAMES WOLPERT & Peyton Parker of NBC's The Voice.

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