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Song #70. “Parachute”

about jumping
about falling
about landing

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Song #69. “You Love You”

Some sort of twisted alt-anti-love-song thingie.

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Song #68. “Father Of Mine”

A song about a boy trying to understand his father. Then later in the song, he is a man who understands better, but left with that kid inside still asking questions.

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Song #67. “The Last First Kiss”

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Demo ASAP. I have many to catch up on.

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Song #66. “You Were Gone”

A woman thinks back to her high school sweet heart.

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Song #65. “Criminal Now”


This song came to me pretty easy. I wrote on facebook that I lost songs #63 and #64. I had been on the road recently and recorded those into the iPhone. Well the ‘ol iPhone 3G crashed. And of course, my last backup was a week ago. So, I DID lose those two.

So far, I have recovered (from my memory) a full version of #64, and the chorus and verse melody of #63. I will catch up for sure when I can with the rest of it.

Donations have been coming in. Thank you SO MUCH for all your support!


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Song #64. “Lollipops”

I was delirious on a long drive back from Alabama in the middle of the night. that is my only excuse.

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Song #63. “On The Ground”

I was going to relax for the night, then realized I hadn’t written today.  Picked up the guitar and this came out.  Imagining a couple trying to watch TV together and working out their differences.

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Song #62. “Antidote”

Written in a flurry of writing activity over the course of 4 days.  Not certain who or what it is actually about.  Sorry  :-/

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Song #61. “Matter Of Fact”

Written on I-40 West between Nashville and Memphis.

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