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Song #11. “Raining Outside”

My answer to going downtown on New Years Eve.  :-)  The better title will have to wait.

Raining Outside

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Song #10. “Downtown”

Not sure how to explain ‘Downtown’.  It was some strange love child of a bizarre dream I had, a recent armed robbery in Nashville, and me being pissed off at Dana’s cancer.


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Song #9. “The Crown”

Short version: I found out an old friend of mine is very sick fighting cancer right now.

Long version: Most people don’t know, but I was engaged more than once in my life.  The first time was at age 5.  To my friend and neighbor Dana who lived around the corner from me.  I went to Burger King and got her a ring and proposed to her in her backyard one day… when we were five.  The plan was to get married at Burger King!  What a lady’s man, huh!

Anyway, today’s song is for Dana.  Get well sweetie!


UPDATE 1/10/10.

Since beginning this project it has already succeeded in reaching so many people and stands to reach many more.  A couple of examples… I was talking to a woman about this project and song on New Years Day.  She started to tear up and gave me a huge hug.  She was in the middle of her own cancer battle and confided to me she was wearing a wig.  I told her about the line: “you look pretty Cher in your brand new hair”  She just burst out laughing.  It’s those types of moments that make it clear to me I am doing the right thing.

Also, numerous people and organizations have reached out to me to see how they can help.  More on that soon.

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Song #8. “I Knew You Well”

Maybe it’s the time of year.  Stupid ex-girlfriend songs!

I Knew You Well

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Song #7. “Out Here”

Guess it’s a great time to be single.  Most of my friends dating and in marriages are going through severe turmoil.  Today’s song was written about one of my female friends and her situation.  The song is from a female perspective and needs a woman to sing it, so might be a little while before a demo appears.

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Song #6. “Head Down”

Spent some time with some folks who had it worse than me today.  Reminded me of some dark places I had been in my life and the isolation I have felt at times.

Head Down

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Song #5. “Home Cookin’”

No, not a country song.  I had a great Christmas Eve  hang with a close friend.  We went to temple (yes, really) then had dinner and watched a movie.  She was the hottest shiksa to ever walk into that place!  (Look it up)  Anyway, walking the dog today, I started writing this one.  Here it is.

Home Cookin’

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Song #4. “Christmas Time”

I woke up feeling completely uninspired.  About life, about writing today.  And about spending another year as a lonely Jew in the bible belt…  Then, in 5 minutes… LITERALLY 5 minutes, this song was written start to finish!

PS. Links to these songs will follow.  Just waiting to find the best place to put them.

Christmas Time

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Song #3. “Craigslist”

Ahh, the classic style Wolff song.  This one practically wrote itself while I was posting ads on said site.


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Song #2. “Second Skin”

Still had my friend in mind from song #1 here.  And oh yeah, I was in love with her once  ;-)

Second Skin

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